Best Laptop Brands In India [2020]

At this time, laptops are becoming one of the most required gadgets for every person worldwide, and people always get attracted to the top brands. That’s why here I’m mentioning some of the Best Laptop Brands In India in 2020 of which laptop you can purchase which will be value for money.

New brands are coming in the market day by day with their brand new features but whom to trust and whom not. But after viewing this Best Laptop Brands In India, you will be able to choose them very quickly. I know some of you may be knowing some of the best brands, but let us have a look at this list.

So for a fresh buyer, it is sometimes isn’t easy to choose which brands to go. Because all the brands look good, but some of their products sometimes bring defective, which creates a bad image of that brand, and in this case, it is tough to trust them.

best laptop brands in india
  1. Apple
  2. Dell
  3. HP
  4. Lenovo
  5. ASUS

I know you may be thinking then which laptop I should purchase and Go for. So let us jump into the article.

1. Apple – Best Laptop Brands In India

apple - Best Laptop Brands In India

When it comes to Best Laptops Brands In India, Apple is the most recommended brand along with fantastic customer satisfaction, design, Performance, features, weight, or anything. The only thing that customers don’t like is theirs over price, which is very much costly. They cost it because they provide the best product that can completely satisfy the user’s needs.

Key Features

  • Best Product
  • Light Weight
  • Amazing Performance
  • Beautiful Design
  • Slim

2. Dell – Best Laptop Brands In India

dell - Best Laptop Brands In India

Dell brings the mid-range laptop with amazing products and budget laptop, and it is one of the Best Laptop Brand In India that has so many amazing features which always satisfy its users with the products.

It has excellent built quality and customers very satisfied with their doorstep customer service that only a few brands offer, and that also in limited areas. In India, in the list of laptop brands, Dell is the most recommended company.

Key Features

  • Amazing Built Quality
  • Doorstep Customer Service Support
  • Beautiful Design
  • Budget Product
  • Value for money

3. HP – Best Laptop Brands In India

hp - Best Laptop Brands In India

HP (Hewlett-Packard) is the most reputed and oldest laptop brand that people trust. It has gained a lot of positive customer reviews because of its excellent products and support. It manufactures balanced laptops that come under the budget of an average person with the features they require.

Their laptops are generally useful for people who work in offices, students or for general work. HP budget laptops can’t be used for high performance works for a more extended period. Or either you need to increase your budget. So we can call it the best laptop brand in India that brings excellent products.

Key Features

  • Budget Laptop
  • Value For Money
  • Good Designs
  • Average Weight
  • Customer Satisfaction

4. Lenovo – Best Laptop Brands In India

lenovo - Best Laptop Brands In India

Lenovo is always known for its best body built quality; they provide a powerful body due to which there is very little chance of body damage. Their color designs are mainly of the black type, mostly used by work profession persons so we can call it business-class laptops.

Its designs are simple, but hardware is fantastic. It has excellent durability so that if it falls from a height, it may not get damaged easily, and it is the thing that you won’t get in any of the laptop brands in India.

Key Features

  • Strong Body
  • Simple Design
  • Heavy Weight
  • Useful for professionals

5. ASUS – Best Laptop Brands In India

asus-notebook - Best Laptop Brands In India

ASUS is amazing; it can’t be ignored in anything, let it be lightweight, performance, features, design, thickness, budget, or anything it is an all-rounder. Currently, I am also using the ASUS laptop, and I am delighted with it. So I can say that ASUS manufactures the best laptops at this time at affordable prices, and it is the best laptop brands in India in 2020.

It has various laptop serious, and mainly they focus on the performance, design, and budget, and that’s what a customer wants to. And if the customer is so happy with that, it will surely rank in the world full.

If you are searching for the best laptop under budget, then go for ASUS. You will find a computer for all types of work, let it be office work or gaming or regular work. It will always provide the best value.

Key Features

  • Value for money
  • Budget Product
  • Excellent thickness
  • Amazing performance
  • Beautiful designs
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Best Laptops

Wrap Up

I hope this would be helpful for you to decide which is the best laptop brand in India.

If you still have any queries regarding the best laptop brand in India, please let us know In the comment section.

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